Bad credit doesn’t last forever!

Do you have a poor or bad credit score?

Bad credit doesn’t last forever! If you have a poor or bad credit score, then it’s probably because in the past you have had issues in relation to your payment history to lenders or other companies with whom you have had credit.

Late payments can impact your score, the later the payment, the greater impact it has on your score. Avoiding defaults and repossessions as well as legal action will improve your credit score.

As you may have heard, registration on the voters roll will also help lift your credit score over time and looks good from the lenders’ point of view.

If you have bad credit it can be difficult to obtain a loan, credit card or car finance. Your options or borrowing range may be limited and it will usually be at a higher rate. Even those with higher incomes might struggle to obtain finance.

This doesn’t last forever but it can be harder to obtain credit. At Glenside Finance we understand that people with lower credit scores may still need to borrow to purchase a vehicle which is affordable for them.

You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes when a real person – as opposed to a computer – reviews your credit history. What might seem to be bad credit for you or another lender shouldn’t put you off from applying.

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At Glenside, your approval for motor finance is principally based on your credit history. Once approved, we will look at your income and affordability which will give you a budget so you can find a vehicle you like with confidence that finance is in place.

Glenside has decades of experience in providing car finance for individuals who have bad credit, whether it is due to a historic CCJ or IVA.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible or would like to discuss your options before applying, please contact us via our website chat or call us on 01942 466 035 option 2 for New Business.

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