Government could scrap annual MOT’s

UK Government could scrap annual MOT’s

The Government is considering the switch to 2 year MOT’s to ease the cost of living crisis, but is there a risk of leaving unsafe vehicles on the road?

Boris Johnson said the UK Government is seeking ‘innovative’ ways to ease household finances due to the current cost of living crisis. Changing MOT’s from an annual requirement to every two years is potentially part of this plan.

This could save motorists a small financial fee each year, however, with the increase in fuel costs, how much will it help us?


Here at Glenside Finance, we recommend sticking to an annual MOT for your own safety. Delaying an MOT test can cause the faults on the vehicle to go unnoticed or not fixed in time (making it dangerous). As a result this could increase the initial repairs amount for you as the driver.

Carrying out an annual MOT could also help with the value of your vehicle, should you decide to sell it. People are more inclined to pay for a vehicle they trust has been well looked after and maintained.


With maintenance in mind (and trying to keep your outgoings low), below are some TIPS to maintain your vehicle (as advised by the DVLA):-


TYRES – checking your tyres is one of the easiest ways to avoid any penalties or dangerous situations. Incorrect tyre pressure or tread depth is illegal and can cause serious accidents resulting in penalty points and/or fines. A regular walk around your vehicle, checking the tyres for any damages/punctures/low tread depth etc, can help avoid the chance of a hefty fine and penalty points on your licence.


LIGHTS – It is important you check all your lights are working correctly i.e indicators, side lights, dip beam, main beam, fog lights, hazards etc. If any of them are not working or low on light, these should be replaced straight away for your own safety and the safety of other drivers/pedestrians.


FLUID LEVELS – It is required to check all fluid levels in your vehicle weekly. Oil level, coolant, windscreen washer and brake fluid are just a few to mention.


EMMISSIONS – The exhaust emissions must not exceed prescribed levels, if you notice any increase in your emissions you should get this checked straight away.


WINDSCREEN – Your windscreen should be clean with no obstructions, cracks or chips. This is to ensure you have full vision. Any cracks or chips can very easily turn into something worse that will affect the vision/use of your vehicle.


If you are unsure on any of these checks or how to carry them out, you can also book your vehicle in to a nearby specialist/garage for a car check for a small fee*.


*fee depends on the provider and the features included.


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