How to name your car

How to name your car

Here are some great tips on naming your car and what you should consider to make the name as unique and fun as possible:

  1. Make and model

Does your car look like a girl or a boy? Does it look old or young? Is it a sports car? Large or small car? A classic?

Rhyming is also a good idea when thinking of a name. Some fun examples are Jord the Ford and Mia the Kia.

  1. The registration plate

Some vehicle registration plates have specific order of letters which resemble names such as; FRD = Freddy, JNE = Jane or one of our own has the letters MJ on their vehicle and therefore calls the car MJ after the fictional character from Spiderman, it of course helps that our colleague is a huge Marvel fan.

  1. The colour of the car

The colour of your car can trigger names that link with the colour itself. If your car is white you may call it Angel or Daisy, if it’s yellow you may call it Sunny or Tweety (like Tweety bird)

  1. Your favourite tv/film character

If you’re a fantasy, sci-fi or just general TV/movie nerd, you could choose a name from Harry Potter, Star Wars, Friends or even the film Cars. When buying a used car, sometimes it comes with its own ‘character traits’. A scratch that looks like lightening may lead to Bolt or McQueen. A dent here and there may remind you of Clumsy the dwarf.

  1. Top ten most popular car names we have heard of:

1)Ruby        6)Bertha

2)Betty       7)Pearl

3)Rover      8)Frank

4)Beast      9)Christine

5)Max       10)Roger

And some of our own choices (yes we have also named our cars) – Bruce, MJ, Moody and Nicky.

Have you chosen a car and even a name for it? Give us a call to discuss the finance options for it! Whether you have a great, good, bad or poor credit rating or score, we can help you finance the car of your dreams.

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