Infographic: Our Car Finance Customers

It’s not uncommon these days to have a bad credit history. Unforeseen circumstances, divorce, unemployment and rising living costs all make the daily struggle harder and harder for a lot of us. We fall behind with our repayments which can make it harder to be accepted for finance in the future, especially car finance.

At Glenside Finance we help those who have been declined car finance due to a poor credit history, unstable employment, County Court Judgements, defaults or ex-bankruptcy. We love to provide easy, transparent and fair car finance packages for our customers and we ensure that each application is looked at personally, rather than using an automated decision making system.

Here’s an interesting sneak peek into what our typical sub-prime customer looks like, as taken from the infographic shown at the top of this page.

Our Facts:

  • 48 months is our most popular car finance term, followed by 36 months
  • Our typical customer will borrow £9934
  • 82% of our customers finance their vehicles with Hire Purchase and 18% use Leasing
  • Our most financed cars are BMW’s
  • The 25th of the month is the most popular payment date
  • 59% of our customers are male, 29% are female and 12% are limited companies

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