Cookie Policy

In order to ensure that this site continues to provide the best experience to all of our clients we use cookies on this website. If you have cookies enabled we will use these to monitor your usage of the site. If you do not have cookies enabled you will still be able to use most of the site but may experience some lack of functionality at certain pages. This policy explains what cookies are and how we use them.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer when you visit certain pages. There are two main types of cookies. Cookies generated by this site known as first party cookies and cookies generated in conjunction with other sites known as third party cookies.

The main thing to remember is that cookies do not contain personal or sensitive information. All information that is collected is anonymised when analysed.

What cookies does this site have?

In respect of this site, where enabled, our first party cookies allow us to monitor site usage and recognise when you have returned to the site. This is important because it allows us to keep track of unique visitors to the site. It also enables us to ensure that our site is as user friendly as possible, for example if several customers are visiting six pages to visit a page that is linked on the first page then we can take steps to ensure the first page link is prominent.

In respect of third party cookies the main cookies will relate to Google Analytics. These cookies are used by nearly every website and again serve to monitor visitor information such as browser used, visitor numbers and whether a visit is as a result of a marketing initiative.

What if I don’t wish to enable cookies?

On your first visit to the site there would have been a pop up to confirm this sites use of cookies and also to allow you to decide whether or not you wish to accept their usage.
If you subsequently decide that you do not wish for this site to collect information then you can disable cookies on your browser settings.

Every browser is different so we would recommend looking up your browser on an appropriate website such as
You are free to disable cookies at any point, however please note that by doing so that some parts of the site may stop functioning correctly.

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